Gregory J. Easton Co-Vice Chair

Gregory J. Easton

Greg Easton is president of Jas. D. Easton Inc. in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is also a board member of the Easton Sports Development Foundation, which is dedicated to growing archery.

Greg was elected to the ATA Board of Directors in March 2008 and currently serves as a co-vice chair on the Board. This is his second consecutive term as a co-vice chair. As an ATA Board member, Greg also serves on the personnel committee.

After joining Easton in 1989, Greg worked in several capacities before transferring to Hoyt Archery, the bow division of Jas. D. Easton Inc. in November 1996. While at Hoyt he served as vice president of marketing. In November 1997 Greg became director of carbon products at Easton Technical Products (ETP). He was promoted to director of manufacturing in August 2000. Greg became ETP's president in December 2001.

Greg holds a bachelor of arts degree in economics and a masters in business administration, both from UCLA. He is an avid bowhunter, and also enjoys mountain biking, hiking, golf and skiing.