Jeremy Henricks Director of Information Architecture

Jeremy Henricks

Jeremy Henricks joined the ATA in April 2013 as its director of information architecture. He specializes in developing online platforms and creating user-friendly functionality that readers can easily navigate. In 2013, Henricks led ATA’s development of archery360, a consumer-oriented, introductory archery site that targets teens and young adults.

Experience Highlights

Henricks graduated from Lane Community College in Oregon, and worked 16 years at Symantec as a principal learning consultant. He later founded “Pursue The Outdoors,” and directed web development at OutdoorHub LLC, a leader in digital advertising space that targets the outdoor market.“My first challenge was to create a consumer-oriented brand for the company,” Henricks said. With that goal achieved, Henricks helped develop its business plan and website, and then launched the site in July 2011. During its first six months, OutdoorHub generated more than 500 million syndicated content views, making it a leader in its space.