Kelly Kelly Executive Assistant and Meeting and Events Manager

Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly of New Ulm, Minnesota, has worked for the ATA since 2001. Her main responsibility at ATA headquarters in New Ulm is serving as executive assistant to CEO/President Jay McAninch and its Board of Directors. She also works with the ATA’s governing committees.

Kelly leads the planning for many ATA-sponsored events. These duties include managing catering teams and coordinating city-wide hotel reservations for the ATA Trade Show, and coordinating setups for all other ATA meetings and conferences.

Kelly also supports the ATA’s program directors and managers as they work to advance archery and bowhunting. As a “point of contact” for communities, Kelly directs ATA members, bowhunters and citizens toward information on ordinances, regulations, and other local- and state-government directives that affect archery or bowhunting.

Kelly says the best parts of her job are meeting people and seeing their passion for archery and bowhunting. Since joining the ATA, she has enjoyed working with two Olympic-medalist archers (Denise Parker and Jay Barrs) and staff from conservation organizations on high-profile initiatives like the White House Conference on North American Wildlife Policy. Kelly says the highlight of each year is when the ATA’s dynamic team meets in October for its annual staff bowhunt, because it’s the only time the entire staff is in one place.

Kelly’s ATA work inspired her to become a bowhunter. She has taken a wild turkey with her bow, and she called it in and arrowed it while hunting alone.

Kelly has two grown children and enjoys baking, roller-blading and listening to all kinds of music.

Experience Highlights

Kelly earned an A.S. in accounting from Mankato Technical College. From 1991 until 2000, Kelly worked with Minnesota Department of Natural Resources biologists to coordinate research on deer, turkeys and pheasants. She also helped edit and format the unit’s scientific and technical publications.