Mitch King Director of Government Relations

Mitch King

Mitch King of Helena, Montana, works with wildlife-agency directors and leaders to establish or expand archery and bowhunting programs across the United States. Mitch also reviews regulatory information to enhance bowhunting opportunities and make them more accessible.

The ATA’s office of government relations works with state and federal wildlife agencies to grow and promote archery and bowhunting. In addition, it works with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (F&WS) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to enhance their oversight and redistribution of federal excise taxes (FET) paid on archery equipment.

Mitch was hired by the ATA in September 2007 after a 31-year career with the F&WS. He is a Kentucky native, and has been an avid archer and bowhunter since his second year with the F&WS – a career that began in December 1977 in Vicksburg, Mississippi. King’s last three assignments with the F&WS were high-level posts in Atlanta, Denver and Washington, D.C.

During his time in Washington, Mitch served as the assistant director for wildlife and sportfish restoration, concentrating on FET paid by the hunting and fishing industries to benefit fish and wildlife programs. King was the first person to hold that job, which Congress created in 2000 after being lobbied by the ATA and other sportsmen’s organizations.

Mitch enjoys spending time with his family, and hunting, fishing and bowhunting in his “backyard” in Montana.

Experience Highlights

Mitch earned a bachelor’s degree in wildlife and fisheries science from the University of Tennessee. During his career with the U.S. F&WS, Mitch accumulated vast experience in wetlands, waterfowl, energy projects, endangered species and federal-excise tax programs.