Congressman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., hunting in his home state of Wisconsin.

How Do You Wear the Bowhunting Label?

Jay McAninch January 3, 2012

For a recent profile in “Time” magazine (“The Prophet,” Dec. 26, 2011), Congressman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., posed for a picture that portrays him not only as a nationally known policymaker, but a proud bowhunter too. The photo shows him in his office wearing the “uniform” of the U.S. Congress – a dark suit – while holding a hunting bow at full draw. The photo’s message is clear and unflinching: Paul Ryan is a congressman, statesman and policymaker…

When human decisions and Mother Nature are involved, things can take unexpected turns.

The Greatest Honor System Ever Created

Jay McAninch December 19, 2011

I’ve come to the conclusion that bowhunting is the greatest honor system ever created. So much of what happens during bowhunting is out of sight and done with equipment that makes no noise, which means: the only version of what transpired on a hunt is the one we tell. Bowhunting is even more of a test of honor since bowhunters are always close to the animals they’re hunting. This means they should be able to make very informed decisions about what they do. When human decisions and Mother…

When the democratic process works and decision-makers compromise on multiple viewpoints, they meet no one's expectations. Is that failure?


Jay McAninch December 2, 2011

From the sound of it, Congress is to blame for everything wrong in our lives. It has a single-digits approval rating, and it seems everyone on the street and in the media knows it can’t get anything done. You can only conclude that our elected representatives are missing what’s obvious to everyone else: Democracy is easy. But is it? From my experience groups of people who have to make decisions must operate by Robert’s Rules of Order. We hold elections precisely because there are…

Although studies and surveys vary, the trend toward bowhunting growth that began back in the mid-1980s continued in 2011.

State of the Industry

Jay McAninch November 7, 2011

Once a year, I like to sit down and review all data available about archery and bowhunting to see if I can make sense of where our industry is going. Unfortunately, we don’t have major surveys to use and there aren’t readily available retail sales figures to review. Thus I’ve simply considered all the information, developed some thoughts about those data and assembled what follows as the best status report on the archery and bowhunting industry I can offer. First and foremost,…

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