Jay drawing,impala with johnny vivier

The Ups and Downs of African Bowhunting

Jay McAninch August 4, 2014

When bowhunters pull back on animals, anything can happen. Each shot is affected by your technique, mindset, equipment, conditions, the animal’s wariness, and a little luck. If things work smoothly, you execute the shot and soon claim the animal. A well-placed shot provides deep satisfaction, but there’s usually some anxiety to sort out immediately after the shot as you replay what happened. In the end, each shot I have ever taken adds to my knowledge and continues building my capability…

Springbok - jay and koos dewet (800x533)

Springbok: The Deer of South Africa

Jay McAninch July 21, 2014

We started my bowhunt by pursuing a common springbok, the South African “deer.” These animals come in various color phases, and are common in much of South Africa. Wildlife professionals here talk about the hundreds, if not thousands, of springboks that must be culled each year to keep them from devouring the habitat. That sounds a lot like the challenges we often face in the United States with white-tailed deer. The common springbok has a tan back, legs and head, with white on its belly…

Kudu with koos and jay (800x534)

South African Bowhunting: What to Shoot?

Jay McAninch July 16, 2014

A few weeks ago, my three grandsons and I studied a list of animals roaming the Wintershoek properties I would bowhunt in South Africa. We checked out the usual suspects: impala, hartebeest, Kudu, springbok, wildebeest and zebra, most of which my grandsons recognized. We also studied the shot-placement diagrams in Kevin Robertson’s “The Perfect Shot.” We then reviewed the many other species listed on the Wintershoek website, and found an amazing number in all shapes and sizes.…

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Upgrading My Shooting for Africa

Jay McAninch July 14, 2014

While preparing for my bowhunting trip to South Africa, I worked to improve my shooting skills, which have been geared to whitetail hunting since my youth. I concede, however, that I seldom shot archery during the 20-plus years I spent raising my family, serving my community and pursuing my career. Further, as a stalwart bowhunter who shot only to bowhunt, I rarely practiced beyond 20 yards and never shot at deer beyond that range. I’m a conservative shooter – a practice reinforced by…

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