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A Good Defense AND a Good Offense

Jay McAninch November 26, 2013

An old football adage states that offense sells tickets and defense wins championships. Those who remember when bowhunting was a new and growing autumn recreation might also remember the NFL for renown defenses like the Doomsday, Killer B’s, Steel Curtain, Orange Crush, Fearsome Foursome, Purple People Eaters and Monsters of the Midway. Over my nearly 40 years in the shooting and hunting world, I’ve engaged in the ongoing “battle” to save our hunting traditions. Looking back,…

It’s About the Kind of Country We Want to Be

Jay McAninch October 10, 2012

Editor’s Note: Each section of the article below is an abbreviated version of the complete presidential election piece featured in the next issue of ArrowTrade magazine, which should hit your mailbox by late October. The 2012 presidential election will be an unusual event for me and, by extension, our industry. Why? It’s the first time one of the two presidential tickets includes someone I’ve worked with and know well. I’ve accumulated 14 years of experience with Paul Ryan,…

Elite Archers: Lives of Dedication and Sacrifice

Jay McAninch August 4, 2012

As the first week of the 30th Olympiad ends and our USA Archery team members make their last appearances, everyone is asking them, “what now?” With several young archers on the team and many of us wanting to see the US increase our medal haul at the 2016 Games in Rio de Janerio, I assumed many would be back in training soon. After all, isn’t that what world class archers do? What few of us know is that sports, at the highest levels, is not only a full time job for the athlete but…

Close but No Cigar

Jay McAninch August 3, 2012

 "Close" is a very bad word in sports, yet it’s the story of most athletes’ competitive lives. Where sports fans always focus on the winners, the vast majority of participants finish with a number by their name like “6th,” “10th,” or (the worst number in the Olympic games) “4th.” To fans in the crowd, the television audience and readers of sports pages, these elite athletes are nameless, faceless young people in colorful clothing. They…

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