Bowhunting and Archery or Archery and Bowhunting?

Jay McAninch July 25, 2012

Our journey to London to watch the Olympic archery competition was only a few hours underway when I realized what a “fish out of water” I would be. For all the years of my long love affair with archery, I’ve never stepped up to the line, pulled back my bow and shot against anyone for the best score. I’ve never shot in a tournament, a club event or even against a friend for pocket change or backyard bragging rights. Why? Because I’m a bowhunter. Bowhunting has been my…

Today's Financial Puzzle: If we make substantive progress on the country's financial problems, we have a far more ominous problem looming and it's one no one is talking about.

A Looming Liability for 2012

Jay McAninch January 20, 2012

By now, everyone that reads or listens to news of any kind is aware that many think higher taxes on the business community is a major piece to solving the country’s future financial puzzle. One reason? Many businesses like those in the archery industry have had good years despite the daunting financial concerns that burden the United States (and many countries around the world). These concerns are compounded by Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid, but also include the annual phenomenon…

When the democratic process works and decision-makers compromise on multiple viewpoints, they meet no one's expectations. Is that failure?


Jay McAninch December 2, 2011

From the sound of it, Congress is to blame for everything wrong in our lives. It has a single-digits approval rating, and it seems everyone on the street and in the media knows it can’t get anything done. You can only conclude that our elected representatives are missing what’s obvious to everyone else: Democracy is easy. But is it? From my experience groups of people who have to make decisions must operate by Robert’s Rules of Order. We hold elections precisely because there are…

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