Language Matters In Politics

Jay McAninch April 27, 2012

As we start down the home stretch toward November’s election, the balance of power in the White House, the Senate and House of Representatives is up for grabs. With growing numbers of non-English-speaking groups becoming a factor in political races, how do we ensure all U.S. citizens have effective opportunities to register, learn the details of elections, and cast free ballots in this important election?I ask because I noted a headline from California last week in which the secretary…

Congressman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., hunting in his home state of Wisconsin.

How Do You Wear the Bowhunting Label?

Jay McAninch January 3, 2012

For a recent profile in “Time” magazine (“The Prophet,” Dec. 26, 2011), Congressman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., posed for a picture that portrays him not only as a nationally known policymaker, but a proud bowhunter too. The photo shows him in his office wearing the “uniform” of the U.S. Congress – a dark suit – while holding a hunting bow at full draw. The photo’s message is clear and unflinching: Paul Ryan is a congressman, statesman and…

You can't control the context around you, but you can create a certain order that's reassuring.


Jay McAninch September 20, 2011

Context. Funny how every issue you think about, every concern you address, everything it seems has to be considered in context. Better said, everything that impacts our lives does seem connected to the conditions that are layered around us. Day in and day out, all of our decisions – those that are critical to our homes and families and those that influence our work – are best made in context.In the coming months, context is what I’d like to talk about in this space. Blog…

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