41 Pages of Archery Park Know-How

Posted by Amy Hatfield on April 15, 2015 in Archery Growth, Community Archery Centers & Parks
archery backyard shooting Download the Guide and get five tips for hunting and shooting archery within city limits. (Find it on page 16.) Illustration: Ryan Kirby
Evidence shows that archery is safer than golf and even soccer. So if you're in a position to offer recreational opportunities in your city, county or state, give archery a shot and start with this 41-page guide. It's everything you ever wanted to know about putting archery in your community.

The Archery Park Guide, developed by the Archery Trade Association (ATA), offers 41 pages detailing how to build a community archery park.

Developed in 2012 for parks and recreation agencies anxious to build archery parks in their communities, it's also a useful tool for ATA members. Member companies use the guide as a tool to infuse archery and bowhunting opportunities in their own state or locale by sharing the information with community and/or state officials.


The Archery Park Guide offers site plans and recommendations, tips from city and state officials who have already built parks and case studies from a variety of different locations. Information on risk management and a breakdown of each park's amenities and costs (where available) are also features of this park guide.

Simple put, the guide is useful and addresses a practical need.  Often, state and local agencies are interested in adding archery to their recreational menu, but unsure where to start. This guide gives them steps to make it happen and it allows the industry to take another step toward its long-term goal: boosting archery and bowhunting participation.

Did You Know?

  • The ATA works with state wildlife agencies and local organizations through its community archery strategy to develop programs and build facilities to keep newcomers involved in archery.
  • The ATA spent more than $22,000 to hire architects to design archery parks and facilities for state wildlife agencies.
  • Archery equipment sales jumped 83 percent for one ATA-member retailer in Cullman, Ala. a year after ATA worked with city administrators and the state's wildlife agency to open a community archery park near this archery shop.