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The Mule Deer Dilemma

Joe Bell July 23, 2014

I’ve bowhunted mule deer all over Western landscapes the past 10 years, traveling across several mountain states, including my own, Arizona, as well as Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. Based on these on-the-ground assessments, as well as verbal and written assessments from wildlife managers, I’m baffled by the muley’s dwindling numbers. Strong deer numbers prevailed in some regions I hunted, with plenty of good bucks holding in pockets. In other areas, the population was…

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Business Tip: 3 Easy Ways to Remember People’s Names

Shannon Rikard July 9, 2014

It’s an awkward experience most people endure often: You’re introduced to someone but forget their name as the handshake ends. Even more embarrassing is when you must later greet them with a, “Hey… you…” In some fields, remembering names and faces matters less than in others. But business owners who connect personally with clients know that remembering names solidifies relationships and gives a competitive edge. If you plan to the attend the 2015 Archery Trade…

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5 Reasons Social Users are as Diverse as Your July 4 Fireworks Display

Amy Hatfield July 5, 2014

Yesterday was July 4, Independence Day, which happens to have a lot in common with social media. I know what you’re thinking: “Hatfield, you’re trying too hard.” Maybe. But the thing is, America and American independence is all about the freedom to be your own person and do your own thing. This structure allows us to be diverse religiously, ethnically, professionally and personally. If we want, we can be the weirdo down the street with a hidden bunker full of food and resources.…

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4 Musts to Reach Recreational Archers

Shannon Rikard June 20, 2014

If potential customers are calling to ask about archery lessons, your shop is doing something wrong. Surprised? Interest in recreational archery is growing, but customers want to find and book archery lessons online, much as they do classes for karate or gymnastics. Further, you or your employees should not risk losing a $2,000 sale to a bowhunter because you’re on the phone answering questions from people who might never spend a penny in your shop. Put your shop’s website to work informing…

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