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Green Backs

Patrick Durkin July 10, 2013

Bowhunting doesn't often lead a hunter to marshlands, but it does when there are gators in the water. Some bowhunters are finding themselves hooked, while archery shops are using this unorthodox hunt to engage their customers and put green backs in the bank.

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The “Getting” Tribe, Part 3

Amy Hatfield June 24, 2013

Someone put it like this: “Mobile is the needle, social is the thread.” Smartphones lend themselves to apps, and some of the most popular apps are created for social media. Plus, if you’re using a smartphone, Twitter and Facebook are convenient ways to get information. Facebook has its “news feed,” which streams posts from your friends and company’s you “like,” while Twitter’s “timeline’’ streams tweets posted by those you follow.

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Social Evangelism, Part 2

Amy Hatfield June 21, 2013

There are tons of social evangelists out there today. They preach to blows your ears off; and they put a heavy burden on social media to whisk us away into some sort of marketing euphoria. That's a bummer, but it doesn't mean social isn't super useful when expectations are managed and execution is on time.

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TV Special Honors Fred Bear

ATA Staff June 20, 2013

An expert marksman, Bear’s natural skill and passion inspired early interest in bowhunting, which fueled the growth of the industry. In celebration of his life and Bear Archery’s 80th anniversary, The Sportsman Channel will air an hour-long special – “Fred Bear – The Father of Bowhunting” – Friday, June 21 at 7 p.m. Eastern.

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