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Four Steps for Building Your Business with Parks-and-Recreation Partners

Shannon Rikard August 20, 2015

If you’d like to reach new customers without buying advertising, consider forging a partnership with your parks and recreation department.Even shops with decades-deep business roots can’t reach every potential archer, especially those too intimidated to walk into a bow shop on their own. Word-of-mouth recommendations are the best advertising you can get. And with interest in archery still growing, parks and recreation departments can be strong links between archery shops and new…

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Archery In Alabama Is Sort Of a Big Deal

Patrick Durkin August 18, 2015

Seven years and 11 archery parks later, Alabama continues to impress ATA Board member Jimmy Primos with the way its towns, cities, counties, bowhunting clubs and state wildlife agency work together to make archery a community sport. As the ATA recently reported, Primos helped dedicate Alabama’s newest archery park Aug. 4 at Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, south of Birmingham.  It’s the first archery park Alabama has built in one of its state parks.Jimmy Primos,…

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In the News: Maxim is for Toxophilites

Katelyn Rutland August 8, 2015

Relax. This content meets “safe for work” standards.Toxophilites, lovers of archery, are conquering America with unprecedented growth. How? Maxim credits pop-culture icons for breathing life into “one of the world’s most noble sports.”If there’s one message to glean here, it’s simple: The bow and arrow is the weapon of choice for the world’s most honorable badasses.“Badasses” like Katniss Everdeen, Hawkeye, Legolas and Green…

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Archery Park Takes Its Place Alongside BMX, Golf, Hiking

ATA Staff August 5, 2015

As Birmingham’s Fox affiliate WBRC reported, Alabama opened its eleventh community archery park yesterday, August 4, at Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham.The archery park — made possible in part by the Archery Trade Association— is the latest addition to a diverse menu of sporting activities offered at Oak Mountain including hiking, mountain biking, geocaching, golf, BMX and pump tracks, basketball courts, kayak and paddle board rentals and cable skiing.“I think…

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