New Colorado Archery Park Will Draw Youths

ATA Staff October 29, 2013

A new archery range at Colorado’s Cheyenne Mountain State Park will help introduce young people to the sport, reports Fox21News.Part of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife “Path Forward” strategic plan is to recruit new participants into outdoor recreation, especially youth. The agency works to achieve the goal by providing people with quality outdoor opportunities and settings. The new target range is close to the urban population of Colorado Springs and is an ideal way…

Archery kids photo by union gospel mission

Communities Unite For Archery Events

ATA Staff August 4, 2013

When the Darrington Archers hosted the National Field Archery Outdoor National Championships, the town of Darrington, Wash. offered its full support for the contest and the 400 competitors who traveled from around the nation, said Gale Fiege of The Herald.The archery contest is a big community event… Darrington Archers secretary Candy Vincent said. Most of the visiting archers stay in family homes and eat home-cooked meals at the Community Center.The community involvement was…

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Moms + Archery = $

Shannon Rikard June 18, 2013

Archery industry insiders anticipate that growing interest in the sport among girls and women will continue with the releases of “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” which features the role of a female archer written exclusively for the movie.These upward trends – which were launched by recent movies, TV shows and the 2012 Olympics – have generated much media hype that’s spurring real archery interest. Even so,…

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Consider Activities When Designing An Archery Park

ATA Staff June 11, 2013

When planning an archery facility, ensure the range or park is in an area that makes archery as accessible to the community as baseball, soccer and other recreational sports.Also consider the most common hunting scenarios for the surrounding region and re-create those scenarios for archers who will use the park. Besides avid bowhunters and recreational archers, also cater to Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, and church, home-school and other youth-oriented groups.Housing an indoor archery range…

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