Connecticut Opens Sundays to Bowhunting

Patrick Durkin June 23, 2015

Connecticut doubled its number of bowhunting days for many people when lawmakers voted in early June to open Sundays to bowhunters pursuing deer on private property in areas designated to have overpopulated herds.Connecticut hasn’t allowed hunting on Sundays since creating its modern seasons during the 1940s. Bowhunters in recent years, however, have increasingly pressured lawmakers to lift the prohibition on bowhunting in hopes of reducing the state’s burgeoning deer herds.Dr.…

Cooking by the camp fire

Hunt for Meat Can Provide Life’s Richer Moments

Patrick Durkin May 28, 2015

Editor's Note: This article originally ran in Wisconsin's Post Crescent. The article's author Patrick Durkin is a contributing editor for the Archery Trade Association.  MADISON – Most guest speakers try connecting to their audience with something obvious, like praising the hometown team that's eight days removed from the NCAA men's basketball championship game.But "MeatEater" author and TV/podcast host Steven Rinella seldom states the…

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The Draw: An Award-Winning Film About Bowhunting

Amy Hatfield April 19, 2015

Hunting is different things to different people. Everyone in the archery and bowhunting industry has been around hunting enough to know that. But set aside four-plus minutes to watch “The Draw,” a short film about bowhunting, and there's a good chance you'll think: “That’s it. Right there, that’s what hunting is to me.” The viewer never sees the deer in this video. Ha, that’s boring, right? Except it’s not. It’s…


Get Explore Bowhunting In Your Neighborhood

Amy Hatfield March 14, 2015

The Explore Bowhunting curriculum was created for schools (in-school and after-school programs), community-based programs like Scouts, 4-H and summer camps. City and county recreation programs also adopted Explore Bowhunting, and it complements programs at nature and outdoor-education centers.The curriculum is primarily offered through state wildlife agencies, so how can individual hunters, archery shop owners or any other ATA member get Explore Bowhunting into the hands of students and/or…

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