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The ATA Trade Show Funds Archery and Bowhunting Summits: Why it Matters

Shannon Rikard February 4, 2015

The ATA Trade Show is, by far, the Archery Trade Association’s most publicized event, one that’s been called “Christmas morning for archers and bowhunters.” But one of the Show’s goals is less about “presents,” and more about the archery industry’s future.“The trade show model is designed to accomplish two different goals,” said ATA CEO/President Jay McAninch. “One facet of the Show must meet today’s business needs…

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Top Tweets From #ATA2015

Katelyn Rutland January 30, 2015

Social media was a-twitter with news from the #ATA2015 Trade Show floor and beyond. Our social media followers both at the show and at home in their tree stands took part in the twitter action. From tweets of cool exhibits and new product launches to cries of “I wish I was at #ATA2015!,” we saw it all. These tweets rank at the top of the list.Getting there is half the journey.How many bowhunters can you fit on a plane? According to my count today a whole lot! ATA…

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2015 Trade Show Testimonials

ATA Staff January 28, 2015

Show Testimonials — Retailers Mick Benson, owner, Benson Archery, Sydney, Australia:We had a great Show once again. We always like to come here and meet the manufacturers and put a face to our phone calls. We like to see the new products. That’s always good because you can be the first one on the block with the new gear when you get home. That can be a real boost to your business. The morning lectures (seminars) are always good, too. They impressed me. They’re a must…

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ATA Trade Show: Indy Proves Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Amy Hatfield January 22, 2015

ATA retailers said they wanted Indianapolis. They said it casually, they said it formally. In a Spring 2014 survey, they ranked Indianapolis No. 1 for the ATA Trade Show’s location.But would they back it up and show up, even when weather reports foreshadowed wind chills at -21 degrees and single-digit temperatures?Yes, yes they would.Full Draw Archery owners Kent and Deb Colgrove travel from Omaha, Nebraska, to attend the Show each year.“We really like Indianapolis,”…

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