Ben Avery Archery Summit One of the great benefits of Summit, is the chance to tour and learn what works from outstanding facilities like the Ben Avery Shooting Range in Phoenix.

About Summit

If your goals are to increase participation in the shooting sports, hunting and conservation, then the ATA's Archery and Bowhunting Summit is critical to your future. The Summit is the gathering of states and organizations most active in developing and implementing archery and bowhunting programs, nationwide.

​Staff from state and federal wildlife agencies, archery and bowhunting organizations — leaders from NASP, ASAP, JOAD, Collegiate Archery, Olympic Archery, Explore Bowhunting — and archery and bowhunting industry companies gather to:

  1. Review progress in developing, implementing and managing in school, after school and other recruitment and retention programs;
  2. Review progress in planning, constructing and managing shooting facilities including archery parks and access programs for bowhunting;
  3. Preview innovative, creative programs and projects that seek to recruit and retain new shooters and hunters;
  4. Discuss new ideas and concepts, recent trends in participation and concerns about the impacts of the decline in numbers of shooters and hunters;
  5. Network with individuals to develop partnerships and cooperative programs;
  6. Discuss priorities for the coming year for staff time and funds to be spent on growing participation.
  7. Share information, experiences and prospects with professional colleagues.