The ATA Academy Presents 30 Free Seminars

Dsc 0519 Seminars cover a wide range of topics including federal excise tax, social media benefits, Explore Archery, crossbows, tuning and more. All seminars are from 7:15 a.m. - 8:15 a.m.

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NOW is the time to check out the ATA’s robust and diverse group of seminars being presented at the 2014 Show. The seminar sessions are held each morning of the Show, January 6-8, from 7:15 am - 8:15 am on the second level of the Music City Center in rooms 201-205 and offer Show attendees a chance to improve their business opportunities through business practices, marketing and clever use of ranges and retail space.

Attend the FREE seminars and learn what’s trending, enjoy an improved seminar format and a wide array of diverse topics including a new session about turning movie hype into income for your shop.

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Seminar Preview

You can view each seminar below, containing a description, times and locations.  

Understanding the Archery Federal Excise Tax | Jay McAninch

Do you have questions about paying the Federal Excise Tax (FET) on archery equipment? Do you need help preparing for an IRS audit? Get help on constructive sales pricing. Receive clarifications on products subject to the FET and determine who is responsible for paying the tax. This open forum will allow time for specific problems to be addressed.

Wednesday, January 8 | Room 203AB

Understanding Back Tension and Target Panic | Bernie Pellerite

Do you want to keep your customers for life? Then help them cure their target panic, buck fever or tournament nerves. Master Coach Bernie Pellerite has schooled more than 2,700 shooters the past 15 years. In fact, more than 160 of his students have claimed world or national titles.

Monday, January 6 | Room 201B

Understanding Bow Fit and Balance, Plus Shooting Form | Bernie Pellerite

Do you want steady sales? Then help your customers hold steadier and shoot better groups by matching them to the right bows, while offering insightful tips on aiming, bow balance and shooting form. Master Coach Bernie Pellerite offers tips for determining proper draw length, bow balance, body alignment and shooting form.

Wednesday, January 8 | Room 201B

The Tuning Trilogy | Len Marsh

Tune the arrow, tune the bow and tune the shooter not only makes you more successful, but reduces your customer burden while increasing your profits.  Also, a new twist on developing crossbow sales and other tuning 'tricks' for compounds.

Tuesday, January 7 | Room 201B
Wednesday, January 8 | Room 204

Food Plots and Deer Management for all Acreage | Paul Cwiklinski

This comprehensive look at food plots and whitetail management provides the criteria needed for growing and holding quality deer regardless of property size. Whether your property is 10 acres or 1,000 acres, this program gives you precise, detailed information for planting and growing food plots that achieve results the first year.

Monday, January 6 | Room 205A

Expert Tips for Release-Aid Execution | Eric Griggs

This seminar highlights release-aid execution tips from four top professional archers: Levi Morgan, Chance Beaubouef, Darrin Christenberry and Nathan Brooks. They’ve combined for more than 100 professional wins, including more than 50 world and national championship titles. Eric Griggs, a professional archer and vice president of Scott Archery, leads this seminar to ensure you and your customers become better archers.

Monday, January 6 | Room 205B

Capitalize on Game Processing - Live Demo | Brad Lockwood

See Brad get his hands dirty and learn firsthand how to process various sausage and Jerky products from "The Meat Man" Brad Lockwood, Host of Outdoor Edges Love of the Hunt TV. Your shop can benefit by tapping into home-processing deer, elk and other big game. Sales of grinders, smokers, seasonings, sausage-stuffers, vacuum-sealers and other game-processing equipment are reaching all-time highs as more hunters realize the savings and advantages of DIY venison processing. 

Monday, January 6  and Tuesday, January 7 | Room 201A

Launching a New Product or Product Line?  Legal Strategies to Maximize Opportunity and Minimize Risk | Stephen Hall

Stephen Hall, an attorney with Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP, discusses the legal issues related to launching a new product or product line in the hunting industry.  The discussion with include legal issues surrounding the original development, evaluation of competitor intellectual property, evaluation of different protection options for newly-developed products, and tips for naming, and branding the new product.

Monday, January 6 | Room 203AB

Buying or Selling A Company or Product Line?  What You Need to Understand about Intellectual Property | Stephen Hall

Stephen Hall, an attorney with Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, discusses the legal issues for understanding, evaluating, and valuing intellectual property assets in the hunting industry that often form a crucial part of a company or product purchase or sale.  The discussion will include what intellectual property a company may (or should) have, or covers a particular product, how to evaluate the strength of existing or potential intellectual property coverage, and issues that impact the overall value of that particular intellectual property.

Tuesday, January 7 | Room 203AB

Why Your Outdoor Business Looks Dumb on Facebook | Maxima Media

Maxima Media’s Social Media Marketing Seminar will help you better understand the benefits of social media, including communication, collaboration, multi-media and entertainment. You will also gain insight into the low costs and high yields of social media.

Monday, January 6 | 202A

Understanding and Utilizing Scent | Charles Rex Holmes, Jr.

An animal has three primary defense mechanisms for survival: sight, hearing and most importantly, smell. Smell has been the least understood and most difficult to fool. Learn the details and techniques that revolutionize how to use scent to your advantage. Make scent-control technology your secret weapon and optimize your hunting experience. Also learn why “hunting into the wind” no longer applies with today’s scent science and technology. Holmes believes in natural scent elimination and offers great advice on the topic.

Tuesday, January 7 | Room 202B

Crossbow Maintenance and Repairs | Tony Warden

Learn the internal workings of a crossbow. We take apart a crossbow and put it together again while discussing maintenance tips and techniques.

Monday, January 6 and Wednesday, January 8 | Room 205C

Build a Business Within Your Business and be Profitable All Year Long | Randy Phillips and Michelle Zeug

Harness the power of “The Hunger Games.” Learn how to use on-line voucher programs to increase awareness of your shop and drive large numbers of new customers into your store. Recreational archery delivers a growing customer base of new archers looking for places to learn about archery. Use your shooting lanes and a series of programs we’ve developed to attract them and make money. The ATA has been working with several retailers on an exciting new program that delivers results.

Monday, January 6, Tuesday, January 7, and Wednesday, January 8 | Room 202C

Professional Shop Techniques for the Most Accurate and Efficient Customer Service | George Ryals IV

Attendees will learn how to best match customer fit in gear and weight, and learn to expertly tune bows during the initial setup. Participants will also discuss trouble shooting, potential accessory problems, and helping customers achieve maximum satisfaction with their first shots.

Monday, January 6 and Tuesday, January 7 | Room 204

Frequently Asked Questions from the Road with TenPoint and Wicked Ridge | Barb Terry

This seminar, in a discussion-forum setting, covers “Frequently Asked Questions from the Road with TenPoint and Wicked Ridge”.   Topics for discussion will include Dealer liability issues, range safety, Omni-Nocks, and cocking mechanisms.  Audience participation and additional questions are welcome.

Tuesday, January 7 | Room 205B

Crossbow Triggers: Their Current State and the Future | Matt Lipowski

When it comes to triggers – the most important part of a crossbow – there is much to learn. We will highlight industry standards for sliding friction engagement triggers, including their types, benefits, design drawbacks, and manufacturing processes and materials. We will then present our frictionless trigger, its function, safety and benefits. This seminar helps you make more informed decisions on triggers you choose.

Tuesday, January 7 | Room 205C

Indoor Range Makeover | Kelly Branch

Turn your range into the profit center it’s capable of being. Some minor changes will increase retail sales, boost range fee revenues, and uncover revenue sources you might not have known existed. Also, save time and money by changing how you manage your range and controlling the uncontrollable.

Wednesday, January 8 | 201A

Drive Traffic, Increase Your Dollars per Transaction and Grow Your Customer Base via the Internet | Brian Blank

Learn how on a shoe string budget and without a techno geek, you will grow your business via the internet.
This seminar will identify the 5 simple ways your shop can connect, engage, and drive traffic to your location. 

Tuesday, January 7 | Room 202A

How to be Successful with Food Plot Trees | R.D. Wallace

Planting food-plot trees is one of the best, most cost-effective methods for attracting deer. The growers of Dunstan Chestnut trees teach you what and how to plant and grow the best food-plot trees for your land.

Tuesday, January 7 | Room 205A

Tactical Crossbows – The Future to Retail Success | James Sellers

Tactical crossbows are the future to retail success.  This seminar will cover merchandising, accessories and sales techniques for the tactical crossbow.  

Wednesday, January 8 | Room 205B

Downrange Performance – Where the Rubber Meets the Road | Robert Donahoe

Measured downrange performance is great information that can help bowhunters and target archers shoot more accurately and consistently. Find out how to use measured downrange performance to help your customers and improve your bottom line.

Wednesday, January 8 | Room 202B

Explore Archery | Mary Emmons

Archery is one of the most popular and fastest growing sports in the country.  In this session USA Archery will introduce the NEW Explore Archery program and provide you with information on how to start a fun and exciting archery progam in your retail shop, allowing you to diversify and increase your customer base.  During this session you will learn how to become a certified archery instructor and be introduced to the many activities, games and program options Explore Archery has to offer. USA Archery offers both short-term and long-term program options to keep archers coming back for more. Archery programs provide return on investment and participant demand is high, so find out how you can get involved today! 

Wednesday, January 8 | Room 202A

Veterans and the Hunting World | Lenoir

As disabled veterans ourselves we know how important the outdoors is to the transition of our fellow warriors returning home. We will talk about the relationship between returning veterans and the hunting industry and how they impact one another.

Monday, January 6 | Room 202B

Fully Outfitting the Outdoor Woman | Karen Butler

Shoot Like A Girl has compiled market research to help you increase your sales.  Learn how to increase sales to women through proper display, education, introduction and demonstration of product options. This interactive seminar will discuss, the unique purchasing  habits of women, items every shooter needs to purchase for the field, family Discount Bundle Options, and the importance of women in the family participating in shooting sports. 

Wednesday, January 8 | Room 205A