The ATA Academy Presents 30 Free Seminars

Dsc 0519 Seminars cover a wide range of topics including federal excise tax, social media benefits, Explore Archery, crossbows, tuning and more. All seminars are from 7:15 a.m. - 8:15 a.m.

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NOW is the time to check out the ATA’s robust and diverse group of seminars being presented at the 2015 Show. The seminar sessions are held each morning of the Show, January 8-10, from 7:15 am - 8:15 am in rooms 130-139 and offer Show attendees a chance to improve their business opportunities through business practices, marketing and clever use of ranges and retail space.

Attend the FREE seminars and learn what’s trending, enjoy an improved seminar format and a wide array of diverse topics.

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Seminar Preview

You can view each seminar below, containing a description, times and locations.  

Understanding the Archery Federal Excise Tax | Jay McAninch

Do you have questions about paying the Federal Excise Tax (FET) on archery equipment? Do you need help preparing for an IRS audit? Get help on constructive sales pricing. Receive clarifications on products subject to the FET and determine who is responsible for paying the tax. This open forum will allow time for specific problems to be addressed.

Saturday, January 10 | Room 139

Understanding Bow Fit and Balance, Plus Shooting Form | Bernie Pellerite

Do you want steady sales? Then help your customers hold steadier and shoot better groups by matching them to the right bows, while offering insightful tips on aiming, bow balance and shooting form. Master Coach Bernie Pellerite offers tips for determining proper draw length, bow balance, body alignment and shooting form.

Friday, January 9 | Room 138

Bow Tuning: Things That Count | Len Marsh

Tuning Bows: What I’ve learned recently and knowing how the “little” things count.

Friday, January 9 | Room 132
Saturday, January 10 | Room 132

Release Aid Execution from the Pros | Eric Griggs

This seminar, presented by Eric Griggs, Scott Archery VP and professional archer, highlights release aid execution tips from some of the World's top professional archers, including Levi Morgan, Change Beaubouef, Darrin Christenberry and Nathan Brooks.

Saturday, January 10 | Room 134

Protect and Commercialize Your Brand: Learn the latest practical trademark tips for your shop and the hunting industry. | Jeremy A. Smith

Is your "brand" protected? Jeremy Smith, an attorney with Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP, discusses legal issues and strategies for protecting and commercializing your trademarks, service marks and trade dress. As an avid hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman, Smith's practical approach to protecting intellectual property rights is invaluable for those entering or already established in the hunting industry. 

Friday, January 9 | Room 139

A Hunter's Guide to Scent Elimination | Rex Holmes, Jr.

Hunters will learn how to totally conceal themselves from any animal in the woods. Gain knowledge and techniques that will revolutionize how you use scent to your advantage. Learn how scent-control technology can optimize your hunting experience. Holmes will discuss how to get into and out of the woods without leaving a scent trail, how to lay a proper scent trail, and show hunters how they never have to worry about hunting the wind.

Thursday, January 8 | Room 138

Growing Your Pro Shop with Youth Programs and Efficient Customer Service | George Ryals IV

Pro Shop owners will learn time saving techniques to speed up service in the pro shop and how to use youth programs to grow their customer base and extend their buying season.

Thursday, January 8 | Room 131
Saturday, January 10 | Room 131

How to Deliver a Crossbow to a Customer | Barb Terry

This presentation will contain helpful information about dealer responsibilities before, during, and after the sale of a crossbow. Covered topics include suggestions/recommendations for crossbow set-up, safety, and range requirements.

Thursday, January 8 | Room 135

Frictionless Triggers: Safety, Performance, and Design Freedom | Mats Lipowski

The trigger is one of the most important parts of a crossbow. We will highlight industry-standard sliding friction triggers, benefits and drawbacks of design and manufacturing. We will then present our frictionless trigger, how it works, and the benefits.

Friday, January 9 | Room 137

Indoor Range Management | Kelly Branch

Turn your range into the profit center it's capable of being. Some minor changes will increase retail sales, boost range fee revenues, and uncover revenue sources you might not have known existed. Also, save time and money by changing how you manage your range and controlling the uncontrollable.

Thursday, January 8 | Room 137

Food Plot Trees: The easiest way to attract deer to your land. | R.D. Wallace

Learn what and where to plant in different locations around the nation, and the best ways to plant, protect, and grow your trees for early bearing and maximum production. R.D. Wallace will teach lessons learned in over 30 years' experience as a professional nurseryman and orchardist.

Friday, January 9 | Room 131

Downrange Performance - Where Rubber Meets the Road | Rob Donahoe and John Kasun

Measured downrange performance is great information that can help bowhunters and target archers shoot more accurately and consistently. Find out how to use measured downrange performance to help your customers and improve your bottom line.

Saturday, January 10 | Room 136

Veterans and the Hunting Industry | Stephen Lenoir

We will discuss the relationship between the veteran community and the hunting industry and how they can impact each other. We will also discuss the advantages of hiring veterans as well as ways companies can help the veteran community.

Friday, January 9 | Room 136

Patent Trolls and Intellectual Property Litigation | Mike Oropallo

Learn practical advice and recent developments regarding how to handle patent trolls and IP litigation.

Thursday, January 8 | Room 139

Sight Tuning Tips and Tricks | Brandon Reyes

World Champions Reo Wilde and Jesse Broadwater and Olympic Silver Medalists Brady Ellison and Jake Kaminski explain tuning, tips and tricks to get set-up and shoot various kinds of archery sights. Moderated by IBO World Champion and AXCEL Sights Director of Marketing Brandon Reyes.

Thursday, January 8 | Room 132

Shooting Tips and Tricks | Brandon Reyes

World Champions Reo Wilde and Jesse Broadwater and Olympic Silver Medalists Brady Ellison and Jake Kaminski explain tips and tricks to shooting various kinds of release aids and finger tabs. Moderated by IBO World Champion and AXCEL Sights Director of Marketing Brandon Reyes.

Friday, January 9 | Room 133

Arrow Components Effect on an Arrow | Dorge Huang

What effect does different arrow components have on arrow flight and what can one do to alter the effect to suit their need? We will have a deeper discussion on arrow oscillation cycle and how one's ability to control, maintain and minimize the effect.

Friday, January 9 | Room 134

More Archers. Less Work. Using Technology to Automate your Event/Shoot Management, Scoring, Registration, and Promotion | Michael Kranitz

Provide methods for shops and ranges to increase the success and profitability of their events through technology. We will show how can unify the industry on a single event platform and how technology can reduce labor of event management. 

Saturday, January 10 | Room 135

How to Maximize Your Revenues by the Proper Implementation of a POS | Scott Leum

We will demonstrate and explore the impacts of implementing technology into your retail business by the use of a POS. Topics: increase store activity, better control of your retail assets, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and grow revenues.

Thursday, January 8 | Room 134

Digital Media Content | Dave Thomas

With today's fast social media platforms, companies in every industry are searching for more digital media content to help build their brand. In today's market it's hard for a company to create enough fresh content to reach the needs of its consumers. This seminar will help companies learn how to harness content and create it at very low costs while also showing how and when to use that content.

Saturday, January 10 | Room 133

Filming Your Own Hunts | Tom Petry

This introductory presentation will cover filming your own hunts from national trainer for Campbell Cameras, Tom Petry. To take the aspiring outdoor videographer/producer to the next level with information they cannot get anywhere else.

Thursday, January 8 | Room 133

A.R.R.O. Buying Group - Archery Ranges Retailers Organization | Martin Stubstad

Become more profitable by joining the most profitable buying group.  You will make more money in archery sales guaranteed.  Qualified dealers will be signed up at the 2015 ATA show.  

Friday, January 9 | Room 135

Social Media Bootcamp: An Introduction to Facebook | Teresa Johnson

Learn the basics for setting up and posting to your Facebook page.  How to create a page that builds and engages an audience in this industry.

Thursday, January 8 | Room 130

Social Media Bootcamp: An Intermediate Guide to Understanding Facebook Analytics | Teresa Johnson

Learn how to use the information that Facebook provides to strategically target the audience that uses your Facebook page.  Paid media to boost your exposure as well as community management will be the focus. 

Friday, January 9 | Room 130

Social Media Bootcamp: Strategies for Success on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest | Teresa Johnson

Learn how to use all four social media sites together to drive traffic to your website and convert that audience into paying customers.

Saturday, January 10 | Room 130

How to Cope with Target Panic/Release Aid Management Skills | Larry Wise

Understand target panic through the two common types of release dysfunction and then learn how to deal with it using the R.A.M. (Release Aid Management) Skills program.  We will walk through this 11 step process to cure the problem.  

Saturday, January 10 | Room 137

Technical Benefits of BowTech Bows | Jim Burnworth

Jimmy will go over the technical benefits of the bows and how the technologies work.

Saturday, January 10 | Room 138

Food Plots and Deer Management for all Acreage | Paul Cwiklinski

This comprehensive look at food plots and whitetail management provides the criteria needed for growing and holding quality deer regardless of property size. Whether your property is 10 acres or 1,000 acres, this program gives you precise, detailed information for planting and growing food plots that achieve results the first year.

Thursday, January 8 | Room 136