Featured Products Showcase

Download Featured Products Showcase Registration PDF

The Featured Products Showcase, open to all ATA exhibitors, is designed to be passive "preview" for attendees. Plus, it gives ATA exhibitors an opportunity to highlight particular product(s) in a central location ON THE SHOW FLOOR without additional exhibitor staff commitment. Buyers and media members flock to this area to check out the latest and greatest products. This location serves as a gateway for booth traffic, where an eye-catching product in the Featured Products Showcase could mean a booth visit. Register now to guarantee a spot in Featured Products!

Click here for further details and to register.

Please contact Becky Lux, Trade Show Manager, with questions or concerns regarding exhibiting in Featured Products at the 2015 ATA Trade Show by phone at (866) 266-2776 ext. 9 or by e-mail at beckylux@archerytrade.org.