Your ATA’s Strategic Planning Priorities


You’ve heard it before, and we mean it: We have big plans for your ATA. Earlier this month, the ATA Board of Directors, staff and key industry members designed 11 strategic priorities from hundreds of initial concepts.

We’re dedicated to increasing participation, inspiring growth and preserving the sports of archery and bowhunting. We’ve surveyed, and had countless conversations with industry members. One recurring theme stands out: passion. Passion for the sports, passion for the industry to grow, and passion to protect archery and bowhunting. We hear you and we’re with you.

Your ATA owes it to all members to do everything we can to help move the needle. We believe the initiatives listed below will do just that. This list is lofty, but we can do it. These 11 priorities will soon be put into action, and we expect measurable results by Aug. 31, 2019.

– Trade Show Advisory Team: Will maximize the performance of the ATA Trade Show, ensuring success and sustainability of the event for years to come.
– Member Benefits Advisory Team: Will audit and establish improved member services and support structure within the ATA.
– Rebrand: We will rebrand the Archery Trade Association as a leader in the industry, and align ourselves with passion for the sports of archery and bowhunting.
– Consumer Organization Feasibility Study: Will help us understand like-minded organizations and their consumer models, which are potential areas to increase engagement with consumers and subsequently increase revenues for the ATA.
– Action Alert System: Identify and implement a new alert system for our members to help them take turnkey legislative or regulatory action on industry-related issues.
– Archery Range Toolkit & Grant Program: Create and provide a range toolkit that eases a community’s access to archery ranges and programs, and helps evaluate options for implementing a grant program for ranges.
– Consumer Marketing Campaign (Videos): Create an effective consumer campaign to ignite interest in archery and bowhunting, and help drive consumer participation.
– Bowhunting Equipment Standards: Develop a standardized position on bowhunting equipment regulations to facilitate ATA’s advocacy with state fish and wildlife agencies for simplifying equipment regulations.
– High School Sport Feasibility Study: Explore the feasibility of sanctioning archery as an official high school sport.
– Pittman-Robertson Fund for Tomorrow’s Needs Act: Support and help pass the P-R Modernization Act to provide state fish and wildlife agencies more flexibility in spending federal excise tax revenues on state and industry-related growth and participation priorities.
– Mentoring Guide: Compile a comprehensive guide of best practices to help grow bowhunting for generations to come.

Download a printable version of these 1-year priorities.

Your ATA is dedicated to supporting our members, and providing benefits and services that help them make smart business decisions. We will continue to be the industry’s leading resource for FET updates, MAP policies, anti-counterfeiting initiatives, and many other member services.

We’re dedicated more than ever to growing our sports, and we’re excited to tackle the priorities listed above. We’re looking forward to this year, and many more successful years to come.

Thank you,
Your ATA Leadership Team

Matt Kormann, President and CEO
Dan Forster, Vice President and Chief Conservation Officer
Maria Lewis, Senior Director of Trade Show and Membership
Jennifer Mazur, Senior Director of Education and Outreach
Allison Jasper, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications