Jay McAninch President and CEO

Jay McAninch

Jay McAninch assembled a motivated, high-quality ATA workforce that develops and implements strategic plans to grow and protect the archery and bowhunting industry. He works to ensure all ATA staff and resources support the industry and make the association’s members more profitable.

In addition, the ATA’s president and CEO guides the growth of archery and bowhunting, especially through state wildlife agencies and their efforts to increase participation and opportunities for archers and bowhunters. Most importantly, McAninch holds ATA staff and himself accountable to the ATA Board of Directors for the group’s progress to grow archery, bowhunting and the industry itself.

Experience Highlights

B.S., Iowa State University — fish and wildlife biology; M.S., Ohio State University — Wildlife Ecology. McAninch led wildlife research programs on topics ranging from white-tailed deer to Lyme disease to bowhunting. McAninch worked for the Institute of Ecosystem Studies in New York and for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources before moving to Washington, D.C., to direct the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation. He took the job as CEO and president of ATA in August 2000.