Jennifer Mazur Coordinator of Interactive Media and Education

Jennifer Mazur

Jennifer Mazur joined the ATA in 2010 as a full-time team member. She coordinates the Archery Academy, a joint program provided by the ATA and its members, and made possible by a generous grant from the Easton Foundations. The ATA and Easton Foundations work together on several projects designed to grow archery and bowhunting participation.

“This job helped me realize how much I belong to this sport, which has a tradition that includes kings, queens, explorers, Indian chiefs and Olympic champions,” she said. “By shooting, I learned firsthand why the bow and arrow is considered one of the three most important advances in history, equaled only by harnessing fire and developing speech.”

Mazur also works with the ATA’s Michelle Zeug and Mitch King to build and maintain partnerships that advance bowhunting and archery programs. She also consults on the ATA’s Explore Bowhunting program and helps write and revise its curriculum. Anyone trying to initiate archery programs in their community should contact Mazur to pinpoint the possibilities. Mazur also coordinates the ATA Trade Show’s “ATA Academy,” the popular morning seminar series held daily during the Show.

Experience Highlights

Bachelor’s of Science degree in natural resources management, University of Maryland. Mazur has 17 years of experience as a naturalist and recreation coordinator in county parks. Before joining the ATA full-time, she was an educational consultant for Explore Bowhunting.