2015 Trade Show Floor

2015 Trade Show Facts and Fiction

Jay McAninch February 12, 2015

As each ATA Trade Show goes into the books, I’m always intrigued by the perceptions of those who attended our industry’s No. 1 get-together. Even after 15 years with the ATA, I remain fascinated by the huge variation in post-Show assessments.Because many assessments start with numbers, I’ll review how we compile each Show’s attendance figures. Our system is computerized and fairly simple. In most cases, people preregister and then pick up and scan their badge when they…

MAP archery business

MAP: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Jay McAninch December 31, 2014

As another year ends and we review our industry, there’s good news and bad news. Participation and interest continue to grow in our traditional and mainstream markets. Today, archery equipment is available through most electronic devices, and can be on your doorstep in 24 hours.Unfortunately, this unprecedented interest has increased competition so much that some companies ignore MAP (minimum advertised price) just to make a sale. In fact, MAP simply isn’t a factor for some…

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Digital and Social Enlightenment

Jay McAninch November 12, 2014

When I first heard the terms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine, I thought of Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Italian and other languages. I know none of them, and I’m not alone. Such deficiencies are common in the shooting, hunting and conservation world. Meanwhile, our 21st century customers are always live and connected as they communicate and conduct business with all those tools.How can that be?My generation was consumed with keeping our kids from playing “mindless video…

Zebra frankie 4

Archery Lessons From a 7 Year-Old

Jay McAninch September 10, 2014

A few weeks ago, my 7 year-old grandson Frankie came to visit and he reminded me about why I do what I do and why it’s critical that — despite the stress of our business-related responsibilities — we succeed at growing archery and growing and protecting bowhunting. During his visit, Frankie didn’t ask me to do anything special or buy him any expensive equipment. He just did what we all did when starting out: he simply shot his bow, became enamored with hitting the…

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