Certified at the 2015 ATA Trade Show

5 Reasons to Become a Certified Archery Instructor

Jennifer Mazur June 13, 2015

Is it worth your time and effort to become a certified archery instructor? The answer might depend on your plans for the future, such as who and how many archers you plan to teach, and how often you plan to teach them. Your decision may also benefit from understanding that archery classes can be a pathway to profit.Assuming you’re “certifiable,” here are five reasons to take this exciting step.1. CredibilityCertification is necessary to teach kids any outdoor skill these…

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2016 ATA Trade Show Registration Opens in 7 Days

ATA Staff June 11, 2015

ATA members will receive an email notification by noon on Wednesday, June 17, announcing ATA registration and hotel block open for the 2016 ATA Trade Show, January 5 to 7 in Louisville, Kentucky. Here are some ways to prepare:1. Be Sure ATA Membership is CurrentYou must be a member to register for the 2016 ATA Trade Show. If your company has not renewed its 2015-2016 membership, click here. If you prefer to renew by mail, send your payment to Archery Trade Association, P.O. Box…

WYAC Mural

In The News: From CNBC to Rio, Archery Is Everywhere

Katelyn Rutland June 5, 2015

Downtown Range Honors Late Husband, Spreads Love of Archery Through Free Introductory LessonsAudrey Berning-Matell honored her late husband’s dreams earlier this month by opening AJ Archery in downtown Toledo, Ohio.The new archery shop, formerly a charter-school gymnasium, features a 12-lane tournament-length range with an office and workshop space for equipment repairs.The Blade reports:Audrey Berning-Matell and her late husband, Matt, shared a limitless enjoyment of the…

Cooking by the camp fire

Hunt for Meat Can Provide Life’s Richer Moments

Patrick Durkin May 28, 2015

Editor's Note: This article originally ran in Wisconsin's Post Crescent. The article's author Patrick Durkin is a contributing editor for the Archery Trade Association.  MADISON – Most guest speakers try connecting to their audience with something obvious, like praising the hometown team that's eight days removed from the NCAA men's basketball championship game.But "MeatEater" author and TV/podcast host Steven Rinella seldom states the…

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