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Ram Trucks Champions Women, Bowhunting

ATA Staff April 29, 2015

Would bowhunting have a place in a commercial like this three years ago? Probably not. It’s a truck commercial about trucks. And courage. And … women. Eva Shockey appears at minute marker :43 as the commercial’s voiceover says, “You can break a stereotype ... "  Here’s what Teresa Johnson posted to Archery 360, the consumer site created by the ATA to appeal to young people — particularly women — interested in archery and bowhunting: If you…

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Earth Day Archery Salute!

ATA Staff April 22, 2015

In honor of Earth Day, we absolutely love the infograph the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) posted to its Facebook page today. And, with a few small adjustments, we think we’ve made it even better! For the original infograph from NSSF, click here. To get-down-to-the-get-down on archers’ contribution through excise tax, check out the historical table here. Infograph courtesy of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Happy Earth Day to everyone in the hunting and…

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The Draw: An Award-Winning Film About Bowhunting

Amy Hatfield April 19, 2015

Hunting is different things to different people. Everyone in the archery and bowhunting industry has been around hunting enough to know that. But set aside four-plus minutes to watch “The Draw,” a short film about bowhunting, and there's a good chance you'll think: “That’s it. Right there, that’s what hunting is to me.”   The viewer never sees the deer in this video. Ha, that’s boring, right? Except it’s not. It’s perfect. The…

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What ESPN Teaches Us About Web Design

Amy Hatfield April 16, 2015

Most archery companies want a website that attracts and gathers potential customers and then gets them to do something: like buy a bow. But often, particularly with small business, a lack of resources, time and expertise make it difficult to keep up with user-preferences, which lead to users going elsewhere. One way to offset the lack of expertise is to watch what the big dogs are doing, identify the latest techniques used and then, yeh, basically copy them without shame. Earlier this month,…

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