Photo of Target Practice

6 Elements of a Good Archery Photo

Shannon Rikard September 14, 2015

If you’ve decided it’s time to revitalize your website with updated images, your next step is to find stock images, take them yourself, or hire a photographer.Whether you’re finding free stock photos or taking new ones, the key to finding images that work for your website is just that: Find images that work for your website.Not every photo you use will feature well-known photography composition guidelines, like symmetry and leading lines. When choosing new images for your…

Morning Bow

Update Your Archery Images to Postpone a Website Redesign

Shannon Rikard September 11, 2015

With ever-more people shopping and getting their information online, it’s vital for your archery shop’s website to engage and educate customers. If your website isn’t reaching customers effectively for you, a total redesign isn’t your only option.To emphasize the importance of providing vital information online, Michelle Zeug, ATA’s director of archery and bowhunting, says something is wrong if you or your staff are fielding phone calls from people needing…

Deer in the wild

ATA President/CEO: “National Deer Alliance Needs the Strongest Possible Leader”

ATA Staff September 4, 2015

The National Deer Alliance (NDA) announced September 4 that the organization is hiring its first CEO/president.This news comes one year after leaders within the outdoors industry formed the NDA, which serves as the unified voice of the modern deer hunter and guardian of North America’s wild deer, wildlife habitat and our hunting heritage. “A CEO is the final piece needed to move the NDA in the right direction and I know our industry can help greatly in finding a strong…

curb appeal small business

How Attractive Curb Appeal Can Boost Your Business

Cassie Scott September 3, 2015

Some archery shops are notorious for their, let’s say, sketchy appearances. Owners see a steady stream of people thanks to word-of-mouth marketing strategies and personal testimonies. Regular customers dismiss the gravel parking lot, rickety old building and faded shop signs because they’ve already discovered the product goldmine inside.But, chances are, you're losing potential sales from the customers you can't bring through the paint-chipped doorstep.Michelle Zeug, ATA…

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