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Social Media: Use the Right Platform for Best Results

Teresa Johnson August 31, 2015

When small businesses use social media, it’s not just about money. It’s about time, too. Archery retailers and manufacturers must ensure time spent on social media doesn’t come at the expense of time better spent selling bows, teaching lessons or designing new products. Your time is your money. How do you ensure it’s spent on the right social-media platforms?First, you must know your audience. Are you trying to reach parents who want to schedule their kids for archery…

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Archery Meets Life in Epic TED Talk

Katelyn Rutland August 28, 2015

One great thing about going back to school is getting back to extracurricular activities. Afternoons of football, soccer, track, dance, cheerleading, music and –you guessed it – archery make long days in the classroom worth it.Sports like archery help students stay fit, set goals, make new friends and more. But for South Korean Dong Woo Jang, making bows after school was a means to survive.At a 2013 TED talk, Jang, then 15, spoke of the competitive,…

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Podcasts: A Growing Medium Used to Reach Archers and Bowhunters

Taylor Walston August 24, 2015

Most consumers use social media throughout their daily routine. After all, it’s one of the best sources for up-to-the-moment information, but you don’t have to be a social-media expert to reap the benefits of podcasts. A study by indicates podcasts account for nearly 26 percent of the time spent listening to audio content.Even more, bowhunting-related podcasts are on the rise, increasing the chance your shop may have a) customers who dig podcasts, and, b)…

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Four Steps for Building Your Business with Parks-and-Recreation Partners

Shannon Rikard August 20, 2015

If you’d like to reach new customers without buying advertising, consider forging a partnership with your parks and recreation department.Even shops with decades-deep business roots can’t reach every potential archer, especially those too intimidated to walk into a bow shop on their own. Word-of-mouth recommendations are the best advertising you can get. And with interest in archery still growing, parks and recreation departments can be strong links between archery shops and new…

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