Three Reasons to Stock The White’s Tale Board Game

Posted by Shannon Rikard on March 25, 2014 in Explore Bowhunting, Members
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The White’s Tale board game makes players “become” a white-tailed deer and thrive by taking advantage of their environment and avoiding perils unique to nature’s four seasons. The game is fun for kids and benefits retailers, too.

“The white-tailed deer’s keen senses, complicated communication system, and commuter-like daily living habits make it essential that hunters understand the deer’s world,” said Emily Beach, the Archery Trade Association’s manager of education and curriculum development. “In the game, players are white-tailed deer, trying to survive and raise fawns. It sounds tough, but The White’s Tale makes learning child’s play.”

The game was created as part of the ATA’s “Explore Bowhunting” program, which teaches kids of all ages the basic skills of hunting with a bow and arrow. Students in “Explore Bowhunting” play The White’s Tale to learn how animals follow patterns when traveling, eating and mating. Students then use that knowledge to their advantage while hunting.

With this classic-style board game, players learn the natural history of white-tailed deer. Players must collect food and water through all four seasons, and breed successfully by collecting five fawns while avoiding predators, hunters, diseases and other unexpected dangers. It’s recommended for two to six players 8 and older.
Although The White’s Tale doesn’t teach players specific hunting tactics, it educates future hunters. The game is focus-group tested, and can add value to a shop’s product line in three ways.

1) Attracts Attention
The White’s Tale is professionally designed. It boasts the same quality packaging and display benefits that attract consumers who shop America’s mainstream toy stores.

2) Boosts Profits
This product’s margins deliver favorable returns to retailers. The product is offered to retailers with their profit margins in mind.

3) Enhances Youth Offerings
This product is designed to grab the attention of kids who already patronize shops through introductory archery programs, shooting leagues or range time.

For each game sold, a portion of the proceeds helps develop and support archery and bowhunting education materials and programs. Support this effort by putting The White’s Tale board game in your store today. 

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